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Sean and Megan, Forever a Couple!

Both Them and Their Characters!

Scene Stealers! The Best Couple there Never was!
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This site contains ANYTHING to do with Sean and Megan! these two people have made a great impact on everyones t.v watching for over 6 years now. This site must contain ANYTHING to do with Sean, Megan, Will and Grace, ect.
Here are some simple rules:

1. Please dont join if your just going to be mean, this is a community dedicated to Sean and Megan/Jack and Karen lovers, respect them and the people in the community...enjoy!

2. Spred the word, it would be nice to have some more people in the community!, I'll make sure to welcome you if you do join.

3.Share some news about anything to do with Sean or Megan or anything relating to them in anyway, i know you hate it when your left out on current new having to do with these two fabulous people!

4. Have fun! comment try not to be rude or anything just respect each other, thankyou!