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The dream i had last night (or shall i say, this morning)

okay, this isnt true or anthing so don't freak out, this was just a dream. this is my dream: there was someone telling me that Megan had died and to my amazement i wasn't really concerned about it and it was really confusing to me that it didnt bother me like i thought it would, i thought it was because i was in complete shock at the moment. So then i went over to a picture of her and i ran my hand over it felling extreme saddness wash over me, so i went over to see if it was all true, if she was no longer living and that i could never see her again (feeling like we were close and that i knew her),i saw Sean looking so depressed as i approached him, i h asked him *tearry eyed* "what happend?,is it true.." *sadly* yes, he said. with the thought of people saying that she was extreamly healthy and me trying to figure out the reason for her passing (too hurt to ask), i began to sobb very heavily into Sean's chest and felt the warm tears pour down my face, i felt Sean hold me and comfort me, there was an extream melencholy and warm feeling, very akward for a dream. i could really imagine this happening and it was freaking me out. i really hope this never does happen. i l0ve megan! hey, doesnt death in a dream mean an extended life? i dont know, ive heard that somewhere, well go ahead and leave me some comments about what you think.
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